~Our Very Happy Seller Wrote a Mini-Review Blog for Team Raj Jaggi ~

Monday, August 28, 2023   /   by Raj Jaggi

~Our Very Happy Seller Wrote a Mini-Review Blog for Team Raj Jaggi ~

"Totally impressed! I researched real estate agencies and was surprised by the number of positive reviews this firm had.  I quickly found out why: this team is really good at what they do and I'm glad I hired them.  They sold my house within 3 weeks of listing, advertised, did open houses and got me numerous buyers. In fact, my house sold at more than we originally asked for. Sarah, the office consultant was great! She was there for me through the entire process. The most impressive person was Harsh Jhaveri who helped me get my new place. Harsh went with me to over 11 listings until we came up with a place that fit my needs. He made no money going to these listings but was committed in helping me as I had a time crunch and he was there for me through the whole process.  It was his committed effort and professionalism that helped me find an appropriate location and he showed the rare and unique ability to go to the limits in serving his client.  I was totally impressed and when I buy my next property, I will hire Team Jaggi again and promised Harsh that I will work with him on that project.

When Peters and Waterman wrote In Search of Excellence, they talked of the deterioration of pride, effort and pursuit of the ultimate that seems to be casting a shadow on society. You can see it when you call banks and service companies and get these idiotic prompts that have nothing to do with your needs, wasting up to 10 minutes of your time before you can connect with a rep; my soon to be switched cell phone provider expects you to drive 3 hours from Eastern Nassau County through NYC to somewhere in NJ just to get a cracked cell phone screen replaced, I left my former cable provider because they were bought by a French company who took their formerly good tech support and made it so bad that I knew more than their technicians on their calls.  This is where we are heading: cutting corners and getting lousy service across the board.

So, I was almost shocked by the incredible service I got from Team Jaggi and particularly from Sarah and Harsh Jhaveri.  It restored my faith in our potential and provided me great service, a successful resolution to my home sale and subsequent new acquired residence.  It's nice to know that the search for excellence is still alive and well in America and I highly recommend Team Jaggi for anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home."

                                                                                                                                                                                - Mark Blinderman
                                                                                                                                   Sold 47 Tanager, Levittown with Team Raj Jaggi

Dear Mr Blinderman -

Thank you so much for taking out time & writing us an awesome blog-review! We really really are over-whelmed with these words of appreciation for our team & our awesome agents Rahul & Harsh! We wish you all the very best & are always here to serve you with any of your real estate needs!     
                                                                                                                                                                                   -Team Raj Jaggi

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