Honored To Be Featured In: Top Agent Magazine

Monday, April 6, 2020   /   by Raj Jaggi

Honored To Be Featured In: Top Agent Magazine

                                                                         TOP REAL ESTATE AGENT IN NEW YORK RAJ JAGGI
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Raj Jaggi is a Long Island Real Estate juggernaut. A Punjabi University Law Graduate, he is also a father, husband, and self-made entrepreneur. With over 500 homes sold, Raj has committed his life to his craft, and is truly telling people, “I give the guarantee that if I do not sell your house, I will buy it.” In 15 years, Raj has converted himself from a humble first time home buyer with no real estate experience, to a Top 1% national Realtor®. “I met one of the brokers while looking for a house and he saw potential in me,” Raj recalls, “I was the number one agent in his entire office that year.” This is what Raj calls his “American Dream,” something he prides himself in helping jump-start for hundreds of families, foreign and domestic, and ultimately achieving.
With that dream in mind Raj began soaking up valuable information from the nation’s best trainers and best Realtors® around him. He wanted to provide a service beyond expectations. “I love when people are happy. I love when the American Dream comes true. People move here, get a small house and then move up to a bigger home. I feel the satisfaction when my clients achieve their dream. And, you know, I’m working with families so if I close 165 like last year, that’s 400 people whose hearts I have touched.”
He believes his mindset is what keeps him in the top 1%, serving well over 500 homes. Although, he might be underrating his marketing skills which has always kept Raj a step ahead of his peers, starting many trends in his market area. Marketing through his family, friends, and network is what has brought him so much success in areas like Hicksville, Plainview, Jericho, Syosset and Muttontown.
Raj is the first to tell you that he is still learning every day, but his more recent goal has been to spread his knowledge to others. His vision for a better real estate service is what ultimately began Team Raj Jaggi, a one-stop-shop for all real estate needs being performed by Raj’s trained 16 man team. “For my team, I do not look for experts, I look for learners, they just so happen to become experts during the process,” he exclaims. He considers his team family, and in a more literal sense some are!
“Recently, I had my sons and wife join the team. It is a great feeling to have their support, but and even greater feeling being able to spend time with them.” Raj hopes to continue his business as a family affair, “I hope that my family gets to experience the same joy I’ve had.” Anyone who has worked with Raj would know, when they are working with Raj and the Team they are part of the “Real Estate Family”. And yes it does come with perks.
Every year Raj likes to show his appreciation to his real estate family by throwing his annual Customer Appreciation Party. Now on its fifth year Raj recalls how it started. “It was 80 people the first year, then 200, then 400… you see where it’s going.” Many people can confirm, Raj likes to party and  truly knows how to show out. Being an accredited Master of Music, he will grab the mic and show off his vocal abilities. That same passion for life keeps him drawn and attentive to his life’s mission of helping families with their dreams and passions.
“We look to take the stress off the client. Purchasing a home is the biggest investment people make, it is important to keep that process enjoyable,” he says. Despite enormous success Raj continues to develop himself and his team, meeting with his peers, trainers, and brokers to continually enhance his business.
Raj’s advice to any upcoming real estate agent is to remember, “You are never done learning. Through education, any success in life is possible.”

To find out more about Raj Jaggi, visit his website at: http://www.teamrajjaggi.com, or call him at: (516)-996-3633, or email: admin@teamrajjaggi.com

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